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Broil King 945367 Review

You can tell that the Broil King 945367 Crown 40 Natural Gas Grill with 10,000 BTU Side Burner is heavy duty.  The solid construction alone gives away the fact that the appliance has several features that are both practical and stylish. 

The main burner gives off an output of 40,000 BTU while the side burner gives off 10,000 BTU.  The main burner is coupled with cooking space that is as large as a side table.  It’s like having a separate kitchen that is dedicated to grilling.  Cooking grids are made of cast iron and coated with porcelain.

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Broil king 945367 review

The Broil King Crown Gas Grill uses the Flav-R-Wave cooking system that allows it to grill food using less energy but without sacrificing the tenderness of food as well as its taste. 

Heat is distributed evenly and efficiently throughout the grill’s cooking grates, particularly the area which carries food to be cooked.  The food’s natural flavor is maintained because the juice is not allowed to evaporate into thin air.  Instead, it is restored back to the food through its stainless steel briquette.



Functionality is not sacrificed by the Broil King 945367 Crown 40 Natural Gas Grill because of its side burner.  The side burner enables you to cook sauces while cooking the main recipe on the grill.  The steel cabinet underneath is a great place for large or whole chicken or turkey roasts.  Orderliness is highlighted with the presence of side shelves which can be dropped down when not in use. 

The side shelves have hooks where you can hang utensils such as tongs and turners when the shelves are up.  They are sturdy enough to hold heavier objects like a bowl filled with sauce or even a pile of plates.  The side shelves are kept clean with its perma-mold feature that prohibits molds from forming.


Broil King 945367 Crown 40

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Letting the Broil King Crown come to life is easy with its Sure-lite electronic ignition system.  You are freed from having to remember to keep a match or igniter handy so you can concentrate on making a special dish out of the ingredients that you have. 

Aside from the electronic ignition system, a deluxe Accu-Temp thermometer tells you when it’s time to grill meats or when to grill food that needs only a little heat.






Weber 1438001 Review


What I like best with the Weber 1438001 Performer Gold Charcoal Grill is the ample space that is provided for the preparation of food.  The grill is powered by charcoal but seems part of a trolley.  The space is large enough not just to hold plates or food but to chop or slice food as well. 

It is more of a countertop rather than a mere table for holding cooking items.  The grill itself is just like other charcoal grills which are often egg-shaped with almost two feet in diameter of cooking space.  It has a porcelain-enameled bowl that adds to its beautiful exterior with the same make of lid.

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weber performer gold review

Aside from the space just beside the cook top, the Performer Gold  also has ample space beneath the grill and the cook top.  This is great for storing utensils, including a chopping board and plates.  It can also hold slabs of meat while it marinates and the grill is used for cooking other vegetables like cabbage or corn.  Moreover, the grill is movable because it has wheels.





The cooking grate of the Performer Gold is attached to the grill body which ensures that it doesn’t dance or is dislocated when the tong or turner latches on it accidentally.  It is steel plated for durability.  Cleaning the grill is easy, especially because it uses charcoal. 

An aluminum ash catcher is placed below the grill so that when grilling is over or when so much charcoal has been used, it can easily be removed.  The ash catcher is large enough to hold kilos of ash before it reaches full capacity.



Weber 1438001 review


A removable LCD cook timer is an obvious indication that the Weber uses technology despite its somewhat primitive use of charcoal.  In fact, the use of charcoal is the only proof that cooking with the grill uses old technology. 

Its design is very much up-to-date with the lifestyle of modern man.  Charcoal use is preferred by some people because for them, grilling food using charcoal adds a distinct taste to the finished product.  On top of the lid is a built-in thermometer that notifies you of the heat reached by the grill.  This is in no way a tool of primitive or old-school cooking.


Weber Performer Gold Grill

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